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Nutrition Testimonials

I am so thankful to have a Natural Healing Office in Bay Ridge. I had severe Asthma for 20 years and my lungs would even collapse from pneumonia during the winter months. I lived everyday with my emergency inhalers by my side. My medical doctors told me I was doing everything I could to prevent attacks, and I was just born this way. I thought I would have Asthma forever! A family member recommended Dr. Butera because my lower back was hurting. After following Dr. Butera's treatment plan for a few weeks my lower back felt better. Once my pain was gone I continued treatment. Coming to Brave Bear Chiropractic and Natural Wellness Office was a refuge after my hectic workdays. I began scheduling appointments months in advance, and looking forward to my treatments as wellness visits. I left the office feeling more connected to myself, and feeling better than ever before. I had confidence that I found something better than a pill or inhaler: Self confidence in my ability to help myself heal and excel. Dr.Butera recommended a holistic-natural supplement called "Chronic Stress Remedy". I believe in our body's ability to heal and recuperate from injuries with proper support, Chiropractic, High Quality Supplements, and Mind-Body work. I am now able to identify the physical, emotional markers that lead to wheezing and asthma attacks. I am very proud to be a Brave Bear Patient.

- A. Campbell

I have tried Alternative Medicine before, but I had never heard of CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis). First, I may say I could not believe that you could touch parts of your body and see if they are functioning. It really does work. My blood work said my thyroid was below normal so my internist did not see a problem. Dr. Butera found my thyroid problem and recommended Natural supplements. Since taking the Natural supplements I have stopped loosing my hair.

Dr. Butera has seen me through Menopause into becoming a Senior Citizen. I am taking less medicine than nearly anyone my age I know. I also hate putting medicines into my body that you don't know what they can do to you. As I always tell Dr. Butera, she is my primary physician.

- B. Russel

I was suffering with a high count of HPV for several years. My OB told me there was nothing I could do for it. HPV is a virus that can be active or dormant, however it has been linked to cervical cancer. I did nothing for it and every pap smear came back positive for it. One day, I happened to mention it to Dr. Butera and she checked me. She put me on something for viruses. I took it for almost 2 years. I have long stopped taking the supplement. I am happy to say that my pap smears have all come back negative for the virus for over 7 years.

- Anonymous

After finding out I was pregnant with my first child, my OBGYN, who was also a personal friend, told me to start taking prenatal vitamins. I told her that I did not want anything synthetic. She reassured me that she was giving me the best prenatal vitamin and that it had fish oil and it would make the baby smart. OK. I looked at the sample bottle she had given me. First of all, it lacked the proper amount of all the nutritional vitamin and minerals I would need-without being pregnant. There were several artificial dyes in the prescription vitamin. Why would I want to put dyes into my body and have that go to the baby? I researched what vitamins and minerals I would need for being pregnant and spoke to Dr. Butera. She checked me and put me on an assortment of high quality natural supplements and my Omega DHA fish oil. I followed Dr. Butera's recommendations throughout my three pregnancies, nursing my three children, and now as my body transitions out of nursing. As a mom, it makes me truly happy to know that my children's nutritional foundations were derived from natural and organic foods and supplements and not synthetic chemical laboratory.. I gave my kids the best I could from the start!

- Maria E.