Deep relaxation
for the mind, body and spirit
in our New Reiki Room.

Connect with your inner
peace in a quiet,
soothing environment
with relaxing music and



Reiki Testimonials

I have found Reiki very peaceful, relaxing and enlightening. It is a type of energy healing that makes me feel very comfortable and has a lasting positive effect. I also really enjoy the ambiance of the Reiki room, the great relaxing music and aromatherapy candles. It is a great way to help and treat yourself!

- Helen E.

The workshop was an invaluable experience. The fact that the practice was explained in such easy steps makes it so attainable. I am really excited about incorporating this practice into my daily routine.

- Gina F.

The Reiki healing has opened a new door, given me greater clarity and energy and now self love seems clearer.

- Peggy R.

I took the Level I and Level II Reiki workshops that were given by Dr. Butera. She took her time, fully explained the history, lineage, principles and all aspects involved with Reiki. She made sure that all the participants were comfortable with the positions and using Reiki. I have used Reiki on myself and my children. I have seen the results and can say that this energy healing really works. I will continue to use it and am very grateful to Dr. Butera for teaching and providing Reiki sessions in her office. If you have never had a Reiki session, I strongly urge you to try it for yourself!

- Maria C.