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A balanced metabolism is essential for our health and healthy eating is essential for a balanced metabolism!

The metabolic balance® method provides its participants with a nutrition road map that consist of an individualized food plan and personal coaching. Combined, these two complementary approaches achieve tremendous weight loss results and improvements in well-being.   

The Program is recognized as the leading holistic weight management program in much of Europe and an extremely effective method for optimizing health, balancing hormones, reducing weight, and permanently keeping excess weight off. With over 900,000 participants in just 12 years, this impressive growth is testimony to the effectiveness and practicality of metabolic balance's Personalized Nutrition Program.  

So join us and learn how the right foods will improve the quality of your health and help you shed unwanted pounds.

If you have any questions feel free to contact your personal metabolic balance® coach, or me directly by emailing me: naturalhealthbklyn@gmail.com.

Wishing you the best in health and happiness,

Dr. Concetta A. Butera